Student: You are the one that makes us feel worthwhile to continue teaching, you are the reason we need to keep moving, to keep telling our eyes to see how society grows effectively because you received a great education, based on all the values, the religion and the principles. All you need to do is come to classes dressed up in your best attitude and let knowledge take you over. Prepare for a brand-new year full of brand-new successes.

Teacher: Your mission starts here, allow students to embrace knowledge, to breath passion; encourage each and everyone of them to create, investigate, ask, wonder, climb, reach and much more. All students’ motivation is not the same, remember there is not a magic formula that keeps motivation up, on the contrary, you are the one that has to teach them how to build a house, just give them the bricks and tell them how and where to put them, at the very end you will witness how students build the house on their own.

Carlos Andrés Jurado Jiménez
English teacher


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